The Crete Church family is going to spend the next two months digging into the book of Philippians. Thanks for joining us!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bound for Joy

Welcome to the "Bound for Joy" journey! We're going to be digging into the book of Philippians (one of my favorite books of the Bible) for the next couple months. Here are some ways you can be part of it:

1) Read the book! I'm suggesting that you consider reading through Philippians once/week during the series- it'll only take you 10-15 minutes each time. If you have any questions/comments, write them down and drop the note in the offering plate.
2) Check out the passage for the coming week. Read it, study it, think about... You may be surprised how reading in advance helps you really "plug in" with the sermon.
3) Come to church! The Sunday morning messages will walk us through the book. 6 of the next 9 weeks will be on Philippians (the Sundays when I'm around). Here's the schedule:
April 18 Philippians 1:1-11
May 2 Philippians 1:12-30
May 9 Philippians 2:1-30
May 23 Philippians 3:1-11
June 6 Philippians 3:12-31
June 13 Philippians 4:1-23
4) Join a group! We've got 5 groups planned, and we're hoping to start a couple more. Here's the latest schedule:
Witvoets- Sunday night after Prayer Vine
Liccars- May 2, 16, 23, June 6
Boersemas- Sunday nights (exact dates to be determined)
DeVries- Sunday nights (exact dates to be determined)
VanderLaans- Friday nights (exact dates to be determined
If you'd like to join one of these groups, or if you'd like to find another option, email Steve Clark at steve@chs.com. If you're interested in joining a group, being a host, or a discussion leader, Steve will help you out.
5) Come back to this blog. I'm hoping to blog (almost) everyday about my wrestling through Philippians. You can add your own thoughts, comments, questions...even your disagreements are welcome!
6) Invite a friend to join in- challenge your Crete Church friends to join a group! Maybe even invite a friend to church. The book of Philippians has some strong applications that will touch everyone, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.

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