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Friday, April 30, 2010

It's all about where you're looking...

As I continue to reflect on Philippians, I'm more and more convinced that our lives are shaped by where we focus. It's not my understanding of SUFFERING that makes the difference, as much as my understanding of GOD.

A lot of people talk about having a correct "theology of suffering". I like that thought, as long as we don't re-define it to mean, "perspective on suffering". The key word is "theology"- the study of God. If our eyes are focused on God, and we are learning to see Him more clearly through the Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit, then we can begin to see suffering differently. A right view of God (who is unspeakably, immeasurably good AND sovereign) becomes the lens through which we view suffering.

When life is hard, and we can't hardly handle the tough times, maybe we shouldn't start by trying to understand suffering- why it happens, etc. Maybe we should start by understanding our God more clearly. Jesus suffering for us on the cross- that's a good lens through which to view our own struggles...

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