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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set....GO!

I really enjoyed this morning at Crete Church! It was great to talk to so many people who are excited about the "Bound for Joy" journey. If you haven't signed up for a "Bound for Joy" group yet, email Steve Clark at Steve@chs.com. Group leaders (and members)- you can download the discussion guide for Philippians 1:1-11 at http://www.box.net/shared/7j0j3tdtc9

A couple thoughts about this first passage:
1) Paul starts his letter by calling the Christians at Philippi "saints". How would our relationships change if we saw people as being "holy and consecrated for God's purposes"?
2) Look at 1:6...We like to talk about "perseverance of the saints", but I wonder if that's the wrong way to say it. Do I persevere, or does God persevere for me? I tend to spend a lot of time trying to wriggle out of His grip, but He never lets go. I think we need a better phrase...
3) In order to be "partners in the gospel" (vs. 5), do we have to be doing something? I don't remember anyone ever saying, "John and I are forming a business partnership. Our business will be doing nothing." If gospel partnerships lead to deep connections (having people "in our hearts"), then maybe the first step is to DO SOMETHING to share the gospel...

Thanks for thinking with me.

"I have you in my heart"

Mark Morris

P.S. if you missed worship Sunday, the mp3 of the message will be posted on Monday at http://www.cretechurch.com/content.cfm?id=2036

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